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The paintings on Sundaywonders are wonderfully simple. There is no story, no connoisseurs, no big names, no money and no biography: What you see is what you get.

Sundaywonders are made by unknown people over the last hundred years, mostly in The Netherlands. Some of them were once noticed and received warm attention. There was a time that museums, galleries, collectors and the public showed more attention to non-academic art than today. Money doesn’t play a role.: most of these Sundaywonders were sold for the frame for prices between 50 cents and 10 euro’s. So what you see in my collection is for 90% made by unkown Dutch amateurs in the 20th and 21th century with an accent on painting made between the years 1945 and 2000. The are no musea (or other institutes)  in The Netherlands collecting naieve/amateur art. The last exhibition in a museum was about fifty years ago. In that time the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam closes its permanent presentation of Dutch naive art.

Most of these artists were called ‘naïve’, ‘primitive’, ‘amateur’, or ‘self-taught’. Although knowledge of the life of an artist itself is almost essential for a better understanding of an artwork, it looks as if there is a magic gift in every single person to make a ‘SINGLE LUCK PAINTING!’ Let this collection be the beginning of a fresh new look to art (and an experiment): the spectator as an artist.

Mark Peeters


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Sundaywonders is dedicated to fostering appreciation of the artworks collected by Mark Peeters.
The mission of Sundaywonders is to cooperate with museums and cultural institutions, fulfilling the purpose of its founder.